Sunday, July 28, 2013

farewell but not goodbye

Travel safe tomorrow guys!! Hope you had a lot of fun in this trip. Maybe some of  you are ready to go home now. Looking forward of seeing you someday if not here, in China. Take care!! We will be missing all you! Thanks a lot for coming! Hugs to all!!

All Best,

Friday, July 26, 2013

First sight of Statue of Liberty

It's our first day in New York City today, after we've been to Washington DC and Philadelphia in the past three days on our tour to the east coast area.

As long as I heard about New York City, the first thing came to my mind was the Statue of Liberty, which is a definite symbol of this great city.So I'm quite excited to visit this well-known statue.

We took a ferry to the Liberty Island from New Jersey,people on the ferry cheered up when the Statue of Liberty became larger and clearer to us. All kinds of cameras and cellphones were aiming to the great statue as the boat getting close.

Then we finally landed on the Liberty Island, the port was at the back of the statue. It was a special position as I never saw a picture taken from the back of the statue.

The statue is located in the center of the island, we walked around the island and looked up to the statue, took photos with many creative poses.

It didn't take too long for the whole visit on the island, but the feeling at the foot of Statue of Liberty was so great. I think the statue is not only famous for  its huge size or beautiful appearance or the golden location, but also the symbolic meaning lies in the huge statue--liberty.

Liberty is the foundation of a stable society, many people in history have pursued the liberty through their whole lives. We should be thankful to them who had contributed their time or even lives for the liberty rights that we can have nowadays. So I think the statue is more than just a symbol of American, but also a memorial building to the people who had done something to the liberty rights of human-beings.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A visit to Washington

  We have been in Washington for two days and we are leaving for other cities,we had great fun and learn a lot.
  Washington is the capital of the United States,the atmosphere of politic is all around us.We visited the memorials of many respetful residents.It was their great effort to the nation that shaped their great images.There are also some memorials about Wolrd War two,the Vietnam war and so on.Fortunately we met an old soldier who had gonee through the war.Although it happened sixties years ago,the memory is still remarkable.At last,he pointed out that the peace is better,which impressed me.The brave soldier he is,the scar of the war on him is unforgotten.
  Also,we visited the space museum and the natural museum,actually,there are many museums so we have many options.They are designed well and reserved intact.Through the museums,not only will we see the rare things,we also get familiar with them.
  All in all,we have finished our tour in Washington,we had unforgotten memories here,wish us good luck in the following days!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hello to all!

Hi everybody!!
Finally in the blog:-). Im not sure if this will work because it was confusing to me to get in here. First i will introduce myself. I know most of you knew me already but for those who did not know me. This is Irene Lohre. The wife of Michael Lohre. I came from Philippines and been here in United States since last March 13th, 2012 and we got married last March 17th, 2013 so it over a year now. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Quiet a big family! All of them are in the Philippines.
I enjoyed living here in America. I love the weather change :-). My husband and I are living happily together since we got married :-). In Philippines, i finished a degree of BACHELOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION or elementary teacher but i haven't use my profession yet. I am working now in Willow Brook Assisted living. This type of job is helping elders or assisting them in all type of care that they need personally. Its kind of tough job but i love it because God gave me a heart to love old people who are almost in the end of their life. This is my very first job here in America and so thankful to God about it.
 It was very nice for being a part of this program since last year. I enjoyed being with you guys in some activities here in Ohio. Thanks a lot for being a very good group! You are all the BEST!
Hope you guys are enjoying your trip there in East Cost and learned a lot of things after.
Have fun in your time there and see you in a future. God bless!!

All Best,

Monday, July 22, 2013


    Hello,everyone!Nice to meet you,where you are from.I'm a student majoring in

mathematics.Perhaps my interest is wider,but I don't plan to say too much about

it.I come from Luoyang,an ancient city with brilliant history and sceneries.It

has been the capital city for more than 1500 years with a large number of places

of interest.Delay of the plane is actually annoying,but we're lucky to meet

Mike,Hans and other teachers.I believe we'll enjoy ourselves in July.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Days in Columbus

The farewell party was over tonight. We are leaving for Washington tomorrow.
It is my first time in this fabulous country; Columbus is the first home I had in USA. Two weeks passed so quickly, while the memories are still so fresh and cherished to me.
I still remembered the evening when I landed in Chicago, the first impression of America was so neat and clean. Then I flew to Columbus, it was almost 11:30 pm, Mike and his wife Irene, had been waited for me for more than an hour at the airport, but they still felt so excited to see me, I was quite moved by their hospitality.
The following days in Columbus are like fantasy dreams, everyday was so fresh to me, I saw and experienced a lot of American styles in this typical American city, the cheap clothes and food, the enthusiastic residents, the polite drivers, the well designed houses, and even many things made in China… which makes my life here much easier.
We live in Jones Tower of Ohio State University, the campus is big and beautiful, combined with old shaped architecture and modern teaching facilities.
I am also excited to the see the teachers and students I met in Wuhan University, they took me to many special places in Columbus like Museums, half-priced book store, delicious food, and even bar. We always say that the world is becoming smaller, this time I deeply felt that saying as we could meet each other again despite of the separation by the Pacific Ocean.
Life in Columbus is really cozy and comfortable, even in the hottest month, the weather is bearable, and there are many restaurants and shops for all the daily things we need, not too much traffic, not too many crowded buildings… the river is clean and flow through one side of the city, the sky is always blue in the sunny days, the air is fresh, the pace of life is not strength or nervous at all. I’ll really miss the city.
To some extent, farewell party is not for farewell, it’s just the ending of training in OSU, the friendship is not farewell, it’s just the beginning, I want to thank all the teachers, friends and students who made this program better, I do think our friendship will not end.
Washington, New York, Boston, Philadelphia! We are coming! 


I've never been to a church before,so even today it is a modern one, I could still feel the excitement deep in my heart, especially when the opening songs were sung around,though I am not a Christian, my tears almost burst out(btw, their songs were AMAZING! I strongly recommend the Blessed Be Your Name! You don't need to believe in God to feel the power in it!)
I have been here for like 12 days I guess and the place here sort of has become a part of my life. It is never easy to say goodbye when there is so much left to miss, nice people, gorgeous scenery, all kinds of food(still gotta say some of them taste really weird.....) and those wonderful time we spent together. But I suppose that is what life is all about-we meet,then we leave for the next reunion.
See you my dearest friends!It's really nice to meet you guys here!Thank you all!

The farewell party

         Tonight we held a farewell party which we met all people we have met these weeks.I fell so sad that we will leave tomorrow,in these short times,we have forged a deep friendship.Both of them have their own features,which most impressed me is the storyteller and I admire he knows so much things among history,arthitecture and geography.
         I like travelling because in travelling I can enrich my experience and know the customs of different horizons.Thanks god I know all of you,I'm happy to know you but I'm sad we will leave this city.I hope we can meet in the feature.