Friday, July 19, 2013

Life in the OSU

The first week in the United States,everything is a new experience for me.In fact,such a different culture is really charming and attractive.

We went to a baseball game last week.Baseball is very popular in the United States.But for the chinese, we are not really familiar with this sport. However, I'was impressed by this amusing experience.

The baseball field is very large,audiencs sat around and watched the game.Eating a variety of snacks seems integral 
to enjoy the baseball game,so we tried a lot of interesting food.People  chatted on the seat and cheered for a nice hit.It's a great leisure time to stay with family and friends.

The most memorable thing in OSU is that people and animals can live in harmony and joy.This reminds me of the time at the Wuhan University.
There are lots of lovelsquirrels in the OSU.Squirrels like to live in tall old tree branches in the nest.If we wander around the college in the morning,We can often find squirrels running on the lawn or shuttle in the tree.  

The squirrel eat of time, they often straight body, holding to their mouth with the forepaws to pick-mouth delivery.

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