Friday, July 19, 2013

first and the best summer ever

These days, I've been chat with some of the teachers about what I've seen and what I've wondered about the American life. Their answers did solve my confusion, at the same time add something new that puzzled me still. America is similar to  the one I've learned from media, TV programmes and scripts before, but is more complex and amazing than that.
It's a lot of sadness overwhelming from my heart every time I heard a teacher said: Oh, when will I see you guys again?... Ahh, right, at the farewell party. Actually I've heard about it 3 times from Rich, Brianna and Suzy. That's a heart-breaking moment to me. I wish I could enjoy more weeks with all of you.
The modern dance in the theatre, the picnic along the lakeside, even the psychology class seemed incredible due to the approaching departure... However, it is not the right time to say goodbye.
Stop being sensitive. Move on instead.
That's one of the traits you've taught me.

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