Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to write a short Introduction of yourself on the blog

This does not have to be long.  Just write a paragraph or two.  Tell us something about your family, your academic interests or hobbies, your hometown, etc.  You could remark on something that has happened since you tried to get to Ohio and finally got to Ohio, or during your time here.

Make your post short, and do not put more than two pictures with your blog post, as if there are too many pictures, we can only see a few blog posts on each page.

We want a picture of you so we can see who you are.

We want your English name and your Chinese name so we can study them and practice them and learn them.

Have fun!  Look forward to your short Introductions here on the blog.


Note:  Unless you are a member of the blog and are signed in, you cannot see the icon that says New Post in the upper right hand corner.  To post a new post, you must click that, and then you will see how to format and write your post.  Good luck!

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