Thursday, July 25, 2013

A visit to Washington

  We have been in Washington for two days and we are leaving for other cities,we had great fun and learn a lot.
  Washington is the capital of the United States,the atmosphere of politic is all around us.We visited the memorials of many respetful residents.It was their great effort to the nation that shaped their great images.There are also some memorials about Wolrd War two,the Vietnam war and so on.Fortunately we met an old soldier who had gonee through the war.Although it happened sixties years ago,the memory is still remarkable.At last,he pointed out that the peace is better,which impressed me.The brave soldier he is,the scar of the war on him is unforgotten.
  Also,we visited the space museum and the natural museum,actually,there are many museums so we have many options.They are designed well and reserved intact.Through the museums,not only will we see the rare things,we also get familiar with them.
  All in all,we have finished our tour in Washington,we had unforgotten memories here,wish us good luck in the following days!

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