Sunday, July 14, 2013

Katherine‘s self-introduction

Hey,everybody,I am Katherine.My Chinese name is Bai Jing.I got the inspiration of my English name from the Vampire dairies.
I am a dog person.This is a picture of I and my dog which is adopted from the animal shelter.
I love all kinds of games.I always play the killers of the three kindoms with my friends.
I love sports.I love swimming.To begin with I learnt it when I was young and my swimming teacher told my mother she wants me to take the swimming as my major.But we refuse.I dont know whether it is a great refuse or not.What's more,I love cycling.I ride on my bike around Hainan province once.The scene on the way is beyond words can descibe.
I love learnning.I always dont learn something from books.But I learn from the  websites or TV or somebody.They can always answers my questions.That's why I am outgoing.
I love animals.Today in the zoo,I have seen the animal show which is quite different from the one in China and it is quite

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