Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Dancing Show

The dancing show tonight was amazing.
Actually I couldn't figure out anything that could be told as a story from the whole performance. But what they danced made me feel a lot. The confusion, the aimless and the despair all came to my mind. The dancer behaved so weirdly that I just couldn't understand. Maybe this was exactly the reflection of our life . There are too many pressures flooding  our mind, which makes us do many a foolish thing and make wrong decisions. We need the knock at our doors to wake us up from all these difficulties and distractions to realize what we should do.
Pity for not taking photos.

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  1. Honest reflections here. I was actually very impressed by the show but I didn't try to force too much direct meaning into it. It's art, so there is something that needs to be left to intuition, and the senses. I really enjoyed it, and I felt many different feelings while watching it. Thanks for posting and it's fun to share our reactions and experiences.


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