Friday, July 19, 2013

Finally,I visited the animal shelter in Columbus.

Thank you!Eric!
Today is Friday,it's a dramatic day.Before beginning my blog,I should apologize to Mike,Susy,Hanz and Eric and all the friends that in this program first.I didn't control my emotion very well and it made very bad influnce on everyone.Sorry! 

Finally,Eric(one of the oldest and most handsome vampire in TRUE BLOOD) drove me to the Franklin animal shelter and he took a picture for me .
this is the front desk and the whole shelter is 48000 square.It's unbelieveble.

some tips when adopting a dog

for dogs to do sterilization which means they can't reproduce anymore

to keep dogs away from bad smell

the washer to wash the blanket,it just broke a few days ago

an adoption dog,it has little room to move

this is the place the dog have their own mark

small dogs always keep barking

Eric told me not to put your fingers in front of the dog's eyes,it is very rude.

it is used to test if the dog is aggressive when eating

it means the dog already had a walk in the morning

the place for dogs to run and to social contact with others


a very good gift shop for animals,I bought a calendar

We really had a very wonderful time there and I can't wait to record all of this.Thank you everyone.And think about the animal right in China.If you want to get a dog as a pet or something like that,go to the local animal shelter and take one home!They need your help!

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