Sunday, July 14, 2013

Introduction of Younger and our visiting to zoo

  Hello,I am Younger,my Chinese name is 杜杨格.Actually,my English name comes first,then I get my Chinese name,it is unique.I am from Hubei,Wuhan,I major in stomatology,which means that I will be a dentist in the future,and it will take five years to graduate from Wuhan University.The U.S is always the country I want to visit.It is my honor to attend the OHIO Summmer Camp,we meet friendly teachers here,we play happily with our friends, we learn a lot from these experiences.
  Today,we went to the Columbus zoo,it is pretty good,it contains several sections,which represents the continents.We saw many kinds of animals,like koala,kangaroo,polar bear,snakes and so on.They are amazing,and when you notice the information about it,you will get familiar with it,which will boarden our horizon.What is more,we can find it that most aninmals in the zoo are endangered,we are expected to protect animals,after all,we stem from them,we all have the reason to live in this world!

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