Friday, July 19, 2013

I visited the most wonderful zoo in American

I visited the most wonderful zoo in American - the Columbus Zoo.It is a very hot day much like the Wuhan level..

There's a big dinosaur in front of the gate and we all took pictures with him.

Aren't they hot?
I followed Mike to look around the zoo at first,he wanted to see the polar bears.They are in the .I don't know why he want to see the polar bears first,maybe because he looks like a polar bear?Whatever,it's just a joke.

with the deer or horse I don't know

After seeing the polar bears,I walk to feed and touch the little deers,what surprised me is they don't afraid of people and I took many pictures with them.

it is lovely,isn't it?
After that I went to Africa,I followed a directer and he told the visiters some facts about the animals that I learnt it the first time.

the king of the forest
 The line is enjoying the sun.He must forget he is the king of the forest.

I can even touch it
There are lots of penguins.They are playing,swimming,eating,talking,they are enjoying the good weather and their hometown.

At last,it is very lucky of me happened to see the animal show.There are lots of animals,like dogs,cats,wild pigs and some kinds of birds and so many animals.The animal shelter trained them and they play a very good show for us.

I had a very good day with you guys in the zoo and thank for Mike and Hanz and Derek because there is quite a long journey to drive to the zoo and the weather is quite hot.Thank you!

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