Friday, July 19, 2013

Exercising in America

  We have been to the OSU for about two weeks,the blue sky,the wonderful scenery,the comfortable environment really attract us.The most attraction in my opinion is the stadium for sports,it is said to poccess best facilities in the US.
  Almost everday I go to the RPAC with some students for exercising,I just cant imagine how fantastic it is.Excellent facilities,neat court,enough room make us excited.You will never get bored because you have so many choices,I think it is a healthy way to keep fit,maybe I will hold on to it after I return to my home.
  Another thing that I find interesting is that you can find any sports suit almost anywhere around us.Whatever the mall is big or small,you will find clothes which is suitable for sports.It is not difficult to find people running in the street.It is obvious that people have regarded exercising as a part of the normal life,we are supposed to learn about this motion.
  I hope more and more students take part in exercising and enjoy the happiness of sports!

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