Friday, July 19, 2013

Ohio,a place of memory

I forget to mention that last week we've been to the wexner center for the arts.Well,that's true,when we just find there are only three artists over there,with abstract ideas(maybe a little crazy to me).Anyhow,the paintings there looks just like the real one.
   And the railway museum,which leads to a better understanding of slaves in the old days and the hard time they had been suffered,which means a lot to me to treasure my life this day.
  The next week begins when I go to the Easton Town Center,well,I bought much cosmetic for my mom.It cost me a lot of money and then,we go to the herbon the next day.Herbon is just like a small village,but it has its own city council.And I have to emphasis that the local business is still strong.That's amazing,isn't?
A garage of Mr and Ms White's
  Above is a picture of the garage of Mr and Ms White's,they have a big farmland and the crops grow quite well.The whites are kind persons,they gave us a ride in the farmland.Our classmates said their farmland is just like in Hollywood movie.
The Ohio State Auditor

  The Ohio State Auditor is another place that amazed me,you know,it is quite unbelievable just seeing the city president or the counting assistant just stand in front of you and tell you the things about America policy.(
  Thanks to Suzy Sarwark,I have the chance to get in to both economic class and electronic engineering.As a student whose major is computer science and information security,it is difficult to find out which major is my final choice when I wanna to prepare for my future master degree in America.Suzy is very helpful.
  Maybe the last two days I will add something to this blog or maybe not-it just depends on if we had a network. But I will push one of my favorite photos here.Good night~

Sherry at the Columbus Zoo

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