Thursday, July 18, 2013

Different ruling idea in political systeem between United States and China

   As we all know that,America and China is now the two greatest power in the world.So why they become the world's greatest power is a interesting question.Out of my interest, I am going to investgate the difference on some areas between America and China.I believe that throughout that way,I may be able to find out the answer.And the Politicy systeem is the point. 
   After visiting the village Habron , Columbus city hall and Ohio State Hall,I get to know something about the United State’s political systeem.Luckily I am quiet familiar with China’s ‘authentic’ political systeem,So I just want to say something about the difference between them.
 These two government have similar construction on department,but because of the difference between ruling idea,they work absolutely different.  Ruling Idea distinguishes the two government: Being people's parent or Being people's servant.
   The idea that being people's parent has always be believed by great governors and officers for a long history over 2,000 years in China.So it's not strange that PRC government succeeds this ruling idea.In china's culture,though parents always like to be authority at home,it's no doubt that parents really care about their children.That means:People have no direct right to vote to express their feelings,but actually there is a person who works hard to satisfy people's demand.It will be his great honor if he does well.
   But after visitng,I found that in US, each level of government is found on the belief that power should be seperated.So each member of the council is in charge of a certain area.Officers become servant of people.
  Though these two governments hold different ruling ideas,It's difficult to judge which one is better.and I will not make comment either.
  This is just my simple thought on the political systeem.I feel sad that I can not express fully since I am not very good at English.I just want to let more Americans to know something about the real chinese government by contrast method.
  I am happy that I can be a small bridge  between China and America,

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