Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hi, this is Fay. My Chinese name is Gao Fei. I'm from Jiangsu province. Unlike most girls in the north of China, I'm kind of boyish. But on the other hand, as a traditional Chinese girl, I enjoy doing housework, especially cooking, and I love children. After all these days being together, I believe that almost everybody knows that I can't help being crazy everytime I see a cute baby. In an environment which is unfamiliar to me, it's easy for me to get nervous and be afraid to talk. However, with my friends, I'm a bit talkative and even wordy~
I'm very lazy in sports. It's difficult for me to spend my time in exercising instead of lying in bed or searching on the Internet, and of course, with food in my hands. So, as the lazybones and a foodie at the same time, there is no doubt that I'm a little fat. I made a bet with my friends in last winter holiday that if I could not lose weight before this summer holiday, I would have to treat each one of them. Now it seems that I have to save money to get ready for all of these treats.
I really enjoy days here, except for the food. Anyway, I'm going to have my first Chinese meal in America, I'm really looking forward to it!~

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