Friday, July 26, 2013

First sight of Statue of Liberty

It's our first day in New York City today, after we've been to Washington DC and Philadelphia in the past three days on our tour to the east coast area.

As long as I heard about New York City, the first thing came to my mind was the Statue of Liberty, which is a definite symbol of this great city.So I'm quite excited to visit this well-known statue.

We took a ferry to the Liberty Island from New Jersey,people on the ferry cheered up when the Statue of Liberty became larger and clearer to us. All kinds of cameras and cellphones were aiming to the great statue as the boat getting close.

Then we finally landed on the Liberty Island, the port was at the back of the statue. It was a special position as I never saw a picture taken from the back of the statue.

The statue is located in the center of the island, we walked around the island and looked up to the statue, took photos with many creative poses.

It didn't take too long for the whole visit on the island, but the feeling at the foot of Statue of Liberty was so great. I think the statue is not only famous for  its huge size or beautiful appearance or the golden location, but also the symbolic meaning lies in the huge statue--liberty.

Liberty is the foundation of a stable society, many people in history have pursued the liberty through their whole lives. We should be thankful to them who had contributed their time or even lives for the liberty rights that we can have nowadays. So I think the statue is more than just a symbol of American, but also a memorial building to the people who had done something to the liberty rights of human-beings.

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