Saturday, July 20, 2013

Goodbye OSU

  On the way back to the dormitory,students are all complain about our leaving from OSU two days later.It is this talk that make me realize how dismay I am to accept this fact.We are all dreaming that we have just come here from Huhan and will go through two fantastic weeks.How time flies!
  We are all already accustomed to the sunrise in the morning with everyone get toghether,the breakfast in North commons and lunch in High street,the blue sky and fresh air......
  What to mention is that everyone in this program treat us well and give us a helping hand.Thanks,Mike,you always make good use of time to learn more things.Thanks,Hans,you are the bridge between China and America.Thanks,Eric,you arrange an extrodinary visit to the dentistry school,which help to clerify my goal,my father and I welcome you to Wuhan......Many other teachers are all very friendly to us,Suzy,Derek,Braine and so on,we will miss all of you.
  This trip to OSU not only broaden my horizen,it is also an unforgetable memory which stands a goal in the future,goodbye, OSU,I LOVE YOU!

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