Sunday, July 14, 2013

Impression about America

       Since the childhood,we have been taught many things about USA-----its prosperity,its freedom,its democracy and its civilization.But we cannot understand what USA is really like before we set foot on this country,though we have known quite well about America from books,newspapers,movies and dramas.
       Yes,those books are right.America is a great country with spectacular  views,advanced facilities and friendly people.I am fairly impressed with smiles on the people's faces and the polite behaviors they have.Sometimes,I am afraid whether the  quietness in this town is disturbed by us.
       However, what impressed me most is the courage this country has.
       To admit the weakness we have and the wrong thing we do takes more courage than we could imagined.To some sense,the history of America is a history that people fought with the discrimination.American adolescents are taught about the immoral things happened in this country,instead of wiping the shameful history.Although discrimination still exists in American society,people won't suffer discrimination as long as they keep this extraordinary bravery.

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