Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kobe Long's Introduction

    Hi, everyone. I'm Long Yunxiang, I think maybe it means "dragon flies in the sky", LOL, and my English name is Kobe Long, you can just call me Kobe. I'm very happy to see you guys here.
    As for myself, basketball is my favorite sport, and maybe you have watched me played basketball these mornings. In my free time, reading, travellig and watching movies are what I usually do. Well, <Sherlock Holmes> is my favorite book, and as a student majors in PHYSICS, becoming a person like Sherlock is allways my dream. Of course, I do love Kobe Bryant, who is the most powerful basketbll player I think, and he is the reason why my name is Kobe. Last but not the least, I'm a optimistic guy, and I'm easy going. Helping others, in my view, is very important, so if you need help, you can just call me. I hope we can become good friends. THX~

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