Friday, July 19, 2013

Memories in the Ohio State University (V1.0 please wait for the next one)

It has been two weeks in the osu, time flies,isn't it? I really enjoy my two weeks' life here and I want all of you guys to come with me to review what we have done there~

8th, July
Luckily, I was the first group to go here. Columbus is extremely beautiful in the rainy night. That night I was really excited that I almost can't go to sleep until 4 am.

9th, July
We ate great breakfast in the Jones Tower ! And then we walked around the campus^_^  In the afternoon, we guys went to the Target to buy some necessities. Then we ate BBQ and played baseball !

I got the Buck ID today ! And I want to say that the Student Union is much better than Wuhan University! What's more the RPAC really shocked us~~ I think that if one day our university has some money to do something,what will they do? To build a boring museum to show off ,or design a useful gym for students to exercise?

11th, July
 My cousin came today, and I haven't seen him for almost 1 year~ Our family all missed him a lot ~

12th, July
Today we had an investigation in front of the Library~ Bai Jing found some handsome boys here! See, she smiled lovely~

13th , July
 We three groups' students went to Mike's house, we ate some Chinese dishes there and listened to some guys singing here which is totally different compared with China.

14th,  July
 Going to the outlets makes every one of us became crazy. The things there are really cheap when compared with China~

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