Sunday, July 21, 2013

Days in Columbus

The farewell party was over tonight. We are leaving for Washington tomorrow.
It is my first time in this fabulous country; Columbus is the first home I had in USA. Two weeks passed so quickly, while the memories are still so fresh and cherished to me.
I still remembered the evening when I landed in Chicago, the first impression of America was so neat and clean. Then I flew to Columbus, it was almost 11:30 pm, Mike and his wife Irene, had been waited for me for more than an hour at the airport, but they still felt so excited to see me, I was quite moved by their hospitality.
The following days in Columbus are like fantasy dreams, everyday was so fresh to me, I saw and experienced a lot of American styles in this typical American city, the cheap clothes and food, the enthusiastic residents, the polite drivers, the well designed houses, and even many things made in China… which makes my life here much easier.
We live in Jones Tower of Ohio State University, the campus is big and beautiful, combined with old shaped architecture and modern teaching facilities.
I am also excited to the see the teachers and students I met in Wuhan University, they took me to many special places in Columbus like Museums, half-priced book store, delicious food, and even bar. We always say that the world is becoming smaller, this time I deeply felt that saying as we could meet each other again despite of the separation by the Pacific Ocean.
Life in Columbus is really cozy and comfortable, even in the hottest month, the weather is bearable, and there are many restaurants and shops for all the daily things we need, not too much traffic, not too many crowded buildings… the river is clean and flow through one side of the city, the sky is always blue in the sunny days, the air is fresh, the pace of life is not strength or nervous at all. I’ll really miss the city.
To some extent, farewell party is not for farewell, it’s just the ending of training in OSU, the friendship is not farewell, it’s just the beginning, I want to thank all the teachers, friends and students who made this program better, I do think our friendship will not end.
Washington, New York, Boston, Philadelphia! We are coming! 

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