Sunday, July 14, 2013


       Hi everyone,I'm Shelly,and my Chinese name is Tian Huiqi.I'm from jining city,Shandong province,which is famous for the hometown of Confucius.My hometown is also called as lotus capital of China.If you want to see beautiful lotus,come to my hometown and I'll be very happy to show you around.
       I have many hobbies,such as writing,reading,dancing,doing sports espically ping-pang,but my favorite is Chinese kongfu,in Chinese we call it Taijiquan.I love it,when I practice the Taijiquan,I'm very comfortable but exhausted,because if you practice the Taijiquan  seriously,you'll be exhausted.I know many people think Taijiquan is weak,but in fact,it use soft to overcome the strong.
       I'm very happy to come here and know many new friends,I believe we'll enjoy ourselves.

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