Friday, July 19, 2013

First week in Columbus

  • Days has passed and we had already spend our day in Columbus for a week,but it still like the first day when we got to OHIO.Here are some of the memories I have to share with you.
  • Mike and Irene
We went to Mike's house to eat dinner and Mike's friends plays guitar for us.They are very talented.Mike's house is on the street and it is a really beautiful house.I took many pictures but some pictures are not in my camera.Here is a picture of Mike and his wife,Irene.

  • We went to the Department of Recreational Sports facilities,which is a good place for us to do sports.The equipment there is nothing to find fault with.
Student Union

  • And we go to the Student Union to get our BUCK-I-D cards.This is a picture of the Student Union,a huge building for students to study.

We had our lunch at Columbus Commons,where many trucks are there,with different kinds of food.We had a good time.

Lovely penguins
  • Columbus zoo is another place that interest me most,

    especially when I send all the photos of animals to my young cousin.The 7-year-old girl is quite interested in it.And I bought her a postcard.

  • Happy time always passed quickly,maybe I will show you the next page of my next week's journey.

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