Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Using Google in English to search for official school web sites - key words

If you are going to study in the US and work in the Western World then you will be using Google in English.  Google in Chinese isn't bad but it is filtered by the Chinese government and doesn't have all the web sites catalogued like the English or European versions.

(school name) (program name) (international admissions)

My search words

Ohio State MBA international admissions

My result:

If I just change the university I can get another school's info to compare

Arizona State MBA international admissions

See! Easy!


Ohio State School of Dentistry Contact Us

My result (it appeared second)

That way you are connected directly to the people you need to talk to.  Happy searching!

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  1. Eric, all this information is so valuable. Thanks so much for posting it and sharing your knowledge. It can really help the students!


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