Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hello everybody! I am 卫乐文 from Wuhan University majoring in the Editing and Publishing Science. You can call me Karen if you want. Hope that's not hard to remember,LOL~
Anyway, basically I am not a very funny person. Sometimes you may find me always talking about those cute dogs and telling you how much I love them over and over again, sometimes maybe those American series related to crime or law or military forces(BTW,my favorites are Criminal minds, The Good Wife and NCIS). Whatever,don't worry,this kind of "hysteria" is only periodic, normally I am still the quiet girl hidden in the crowd.
I have been here like four days, and everything is new to me. I suppose I don't have the jetlag problem, which gives me plenty time and energy to explore the new world. People here are really nice, especially the cute Palestinian guy we interviewed a few days ago(Lorrita and Angel, you guys remember? LOL).Through a lot of classes and talking to the locals, I figure that there is still a lot for me to improve in my English studying. Acting and speaking English like a local person still proves not that easy.Anyway, thanks to all the people I have met here, you guys are really sweet~(The zoo visiting today is amazing,but I am not good at describing,so not much to say about it)

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