Sunday, July 14, 2013

This is Loretta.

Hello everyone, my name's Loretta. My Chinese name is ZHANG YI. Shanghai is my hometown, it's the city where my family and I has lived for one or two centuries since Shanghai was set up. I haven't realized that it was a magical and amazing city until I came to Wuhan. I'm not saying it's better than Wuhan or any other city, but instead, I'm saying that it's really an inclusive, modern, fast-paced, and unique city with a short but complex history.
Well, I majored in psychology and I'm quite proud of it, because I want to be a psychological counselor since I was 14, and now I am realizing my dream. Though the academic condition for psychology in my country is not that good, I'll stick to it and come to America one day to learn what I need to be a good psychological counselor and go back to put them in use.
As for my hobbies... I love literature and all kinds of arts, especially plays and poems. I am a play director in one of the best societies of Wuhan University, which is called "Zongdian Play Club" ( you can see its introduction here: I've directed 5 plays and played in one of them. Besides, I'm planning to make a film with my friends on the fourth grade as a gift to myself for the graduation.  I love reading and also write sometimes. My poems get me some payment from time to time.
And besides, I enjoy traveling on foot. I've been to many provinces in China, and some of the visits are made on foot. It is a pity that I can't ride very well, or I should have been on trips by bicycle. :( 
These gonna be my lifelong hobbies.

Love to meet you guys, and all of you are just awesome!

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