Sunday, July 14, 2013

Introduction&Interesting things

  My name is Xie sheng'ao. A native in WH. I will be a senior in Wuhan university. I'm thrilled to be in this group.
  Everything here is absolutely new to me! The color of the people's skins, eyes and thoughts greatly differs from us. Even I'm in U.S without my parents, but I get bunch of chinese friends here and Mike, Hans are here offering help for us. I feel good about it. I went to the Ohio historical society and Cincinnati these days and of course I did some shop here.
   I think what impresses me most definetly goes to the tour in the underground railroad freedom center. Eddie gave us instruction in such a inspiring way that it motivated me to learn more about these people. They have no idea where they come from but they are making their own way and creating their new homes. Someone really has to struggle a lot to get a real life and he must have the gut to do it. As a result, they inspire me to go for what I want which means being here and getting a different and better education. Back to the black people's history here, I concede that maybe it's because they had no freedom that people in U.S now stress the freedom so much. They cannot make the mistake again.
  I am looking forward to see more about this young but unique country. By the way , I think Mike has a   great wife, cute house and nice people! The zoo we visited this morning is awesome, though I'm not a fan of animals.

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