Friday, July 19, 2013

To stay here, to feel it

It has been the 10th day in America. During these days, the full schedule made me a bit tired but at the same time gave me a new understanding on this country full of freedom. In the past, I read about it from the words on the screen or paper, but experiences of these days provided me with opportunities to feel the country with my body and mind.

America in my mind used to be very modern and in fast tempo. However, maybe because of the atmosphere of the city we stay, I really feel at ease when I am bathed in the sunshine in the morning, when I look outside from the van, when I see smile on the face of friendly strangers. Greetings can be received through the whole day whenever and wherever I look into others’ eyes. What impresses me most is that if I want to cross the street, I should only press the button on the roadside, and then I can feel free to go. Cars will always stop and let the passengers go first as long as they have stepped on the road; even it is not the proper time.

Not only do those strangers treat us well, but also teachers here are very nice. Mike arrange almost everything for us though he himself has a lot of stuff in his family too. Everyday he takes care of us, leads us to get in touch with new things and learn knowledge in a relaxed manner. Suzie is an elegant lady who always wears a smile on her face. Her patience really impressed me a lot. With plump body and cute face, Hans is just like Winnie the Pooh. He is a humorous guy who can speak fluent Chinese. And there are also many other teachers enjoyed happy time with us.

BTW, I really love kids here, they are so cute. o(v)o~

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