Sunday, July 14, 2013

Angel's brief introduction

Hey guys!I'm Angel,which stems from my Chinese name—Wang Anqi.Just like Alan says,a girl who's name is Anqi in Chinese may mostly choose"Angel"for her English name,for they have the same meaning.

Well,since it's the time for our Chinese dinner:),I'll just give u a brief introduction about myself.I'm a girl fron Hefei,Anhui province.When we refer to Anhui province,I think the first thing coming into your mind may be the Yellow Mountain:)I strongly recommend all of u have a "real" visit of it.(here,"real"means no travel agency)I'm totally sure you'll be amazed by the nature!Actually,I'm a backpacker,and last summer I just went to Sichuan province with two foreigners,one from the U.S majoring in psychology ,and the other one is from Germany.Not only did we enjoy ourselves,but also create a deep friendship during the summer vacation and we're still in touch.:)

Okay,let's back to the point~I love traveling,dancing,and things which are interesting (hahaha~)Of course,I extremely like sports!(U see I always wear sport shoes~)Tennis is my favorite, and I started playing it when I was 7.

Well, Bai Jing is waiting for my computer to write the blog,so it's time to end up my brief introduction,and at the end of my blog,I just wanna say happy birthday to Alan and hope u and your girlfriend have a  bright future:) (btw,Alan's girlfriend is really beautiful,u guys can see her photo in his cellphone~)

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