Friday, July 19, 2013

The days in America

Blue sky,exotic architecture,gorgeous town and native American that is my first impression for the USA.But I can't just make sure that appearance is exact the American look.As Justin says today that you can't judge American by who are studying in China,I should correct my words to say that OSU is abosulately beautiful place,I enjoy the life here and I really love this town.
The days in America have gone half of our plans,we will leave the ohio state soon,time flying.During these days,I have tried many new things which make my life colorful and broaden my horizons.
I have played baseball here,in my turn to hit the ball,my heart beated faster,after I hit it,running as fast as I could with screaming and laughing is the most interesting way I enjoyed that game.Actually,I am not good at baseball games,and I will have few chances to play that ball game in China,but I will never forget what it brings to me.
I have tried all kinds of food here.America is a multicultural country,so it is easy to find delicious food from other country.Dishes here is really diferent from China,fried food and cold water are not usual chinese eating style.It did take some time for my groupmates and me to get accustomed to them,but finally we made it.Exactly some sauce and taste of food make me sick,but I still try many types of dishes,because I believe that food is one part of the expression of a country's culture,people live here like the cuisine and it survives.
Another thing here I learned here was that communication is really important in America,I have tried hard and hard to talk with native Americans and to share my views with others,by this way,my oral English improve quickly,and I also know a point of American is that most of them are friendly and kind,questions are welcomed.Everyone I met is so nice and kind,they are patient and polite,they do help me a lot to know more about the United States,show my deep appreciation to them.Thanks Mike,Hans,Susy,Deric,Eric,Rick and thanks everybody has helped me.
The days here are great,I will add some pictures after I can upload my photos.

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  1. A very nice experience! Get more fun in the following days!


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