Monday, July 15, 2013

:> You're welcome!

Karen and I went to Chinese restaurant for supper today, which unfortunately cost us $55. Don't be jealous, here are the pictures we want you to see and imagine as if you had had them with us. LOL~ Hope you could have a nice dream after you've seen these pictures~

This is the sour-spicy soup. It's not as spicy as it should be in fact.

The dumplings are the best dish we had there, better than half of the dumplings made in China.

ma po Tofu. It turned out to be sweet instead of spicy, and was even fried...
Actually the taste was not bad, anyhow, maybe fits American people more.

Hunan *&(^&*(*^&%&  Fish. Also SWEET @_____@ 
Howver, It did taste like a typical Chinese cuisine.

Sunset is always a nice view here in Columbus. Great!

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