Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mike’s self introduction

Mike’s self introduction
  I am Mike,19 years old,not handsome but senior in thought.Hangzhou is my hometown,a beautiful city famous for its west lake.
  Always be friendly to anyone,happy to help,but stick to my principles.
  Different from other boys in China,I shows no interst in basketball or soccer games,but interested in military,guns,swimming,music and history.Learning history is my biggest hobby.I can not live without a history book.Just reading these books gives me pure enjoyment.As for music, I can play the saxphone,and do well in it.Music to me is not only something common to see in life,but also a method to enjoy life.I appreciate all kinds of music which enlight my road.And music forms important memory during my childhood.
  Lazy sometimes control me,but I don't want to change.I am the person who will not regret until the deadline,but that will not happen when faced important thing.Right time to do right thing is my motto.So you can trust me on important things.
 That's all.

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